NameCountrySubmissionDateTypesort icon
Reputations, Legacies, Futures: Jane Austen, Germaine de Staël and their contemporaries, 1817-2017United Kingdom2 Dec 1613 - 15 Jul 17event
ACLA meeting: Seminar on the theme ‘Other Capitals of the Nineteenth Century’Netherlands23 Sep 166 - 9 Jul 17event
Modernisms and Modernities East, West and South: Comparing Literary and Cultural ExperiencesChina1 Oct 1619 - 22 Jul 17event
Cesare Beccaria's On Crime and Punishments and Eighteenth-Century Britain: Law, History, Philosophy, Literature. A Two-Way PerspectiveItaly15 Jan 1713 - 15 Sep 17event
Spaced Out Spatiality in Comics International ConferenceItaly31 May 1726 - 27 Oct 17event
12th International Conference of the Estonian Association of Comparative Literature (EACL): “Influence and Originality in Literary Creation”Estonia30 Apr 171 - 4 Oct 17event
Family Sagas in World Literatures and Audio-Visual Cultures: Reimagining Nations Across the GlobeUnited Kingdom17 Feb 1728 - 29 Jun 17event
Strindberg and the Western CanonPoland31 Jan 171 - 4 Jun 17event
Narrating EmotionsSwitzerland30 Sep 1621 - 22 Apr 17event
CfP: Prototypes in Recycling Сultures and/or Cultural GenomesAzerbaijan25 Feb 1720 - 21 Apr 17event
Domination and adaptationBulgaria20 Mar 1724 - 25 Apr 17event
Betwixt and Between: boundaries and peripheries in children’s cultureIreland16 Jan 1728 - 29 Apr 17event
Justice and Minorized Languages Under a Postmonolingual Order Spain5 Sep 1610 - 12 May 17event
European Network for Comparative Literary Studies (REELC/ENCLS) 7th Biennial Congress 2017: Fear and Safety Finland30 Sep 1623 - 26 Aug 17event


NameCountrySubmissionDateTypesort icon
Colloquia Comparativa LitterarumBulgaria28 Feb 17cfpapers
Comparatively Speaking: Gender and Rhetoric (themed volume)USA1 Dec 11cfpapers
Critical Insights: Edith WhartonUSA20 Nov 16cfpapers
Rethinking UnamunoPortugal30 Jun 1427 - 27 Oct 14cfpapers
CfP - Words in Exile: Poetics of Female Voices of the Portuguese-Speaking World (InterDISCIPLINARY Journal of Portuguese Diaspora Studies)Macau15 Mar 14cfpapers
Georgian Electronic Journal of Literature “Litinfo”, Call for Papers for the oncoming Issue - Deadline extendedGeorgia15 Apr 11cfpapers
Italy in English-Language Literature from 1900 to the Present DayUSA5 Feb 08cfpapers
Art and Revolution ("links". Zeitschrift für Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaft, Nr. 17)Germany28 Feb 17cfpapers
Articles for Textpraxis. Digital Journal for Philology (Issue 13)Germany15 Jul 16cfpapers
Austria and America: Cross-Cultural Encounters 1933-1955 - CfPAustria1 Nov 14cfpapers
Colloquia Comparativa Litterarum. Double blind peer-reviewed scholarly review, with open access.Bulgaria29 Feb 16cfpapers
CfP – Interlitteraria (international peer-reviewed journal of comparative literature, Vol 20, No 1-2), free topic issue 2015Estonia31 Jan 15cfpapers
CfP Vol. 3 - The InterDISCIPLINARY Journal of Portuguese Diaspora Studies (IJPDS)USA30 Apr 14cfpapers
CfP - Katherine Mansfield and Translation (Katherine Mansfield Studies, vol. 7) and the annual essay prize competition 2014New Zealand31 Aug 14cfpapers
Ilha do Desterro: A Journal of English Languages, Literatures in English and Cultural StudiesBrazil29 Feb 16cfpapers
4th annual scientific journal “Kremenets Comparative Studies”Ukraine1 Jun 14cfpapers
CfP - Literature and Art: Conversations and Collaborations (MHRA Working Papers in the Humanities)United Kingdom30 Mar 14cfpapers
Journal 452ºF, CFP #02: National Identities and Literature: Problems and Possible AnswersSpain9 Oct 09cfpapers
"Shipwrecks and Islands", a thematic, multidisciplinary and comparative volume of essays - REMINDERIreland17 Feb 12cfpapers
Call for Papers: History and Contemporary Literature (Synthesis: Peer-reviewed e-journal of Literary Criticism and Theory)Greece15 Feb 13cfpapers
Acta Iassyensia Comparationis No. 12 (2/2013): Quests – ConquestsRomania4 Mar 13cfpapers
Call for papers: World Literatures from the Nineteenth to the Twenty-first Century. Ed. Marko Juvan. Special issue CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture 15.5 (December 2013)USA31 Dec 12cfpapers
The Bandit - AnnalSS vol. 8Italy30 Jun 11cfpapers
Status QuaestionisItaly30 Nov 11cfpapers
Authority and Authorship: Averting the difficulties of dialogue in the Humanities.United Kingdom11 Jul 11cfpapers
Cultura. International Journal of Philosophy of Culture and Axiology - December 2012 Issue CFP: Semiotics of World CulturesLuxembourg31 Aug 12cfpapers
Adaptation: The transformation of stories through code-switching (Between: The online journal of the Italian Association for the Theory and Comparative History of Literature Vol. 2, no. 4, 2012)Italy1 Sep 12cfpapers
Deterritorializing Practices in Literary Studies (Manuscript working title)Canada15 Oct 10cfpapers
Issue No. 8 of Le SimplegadiItaly31 May 10cfpapers
vol. 7 - Annali della Facoltà di Lingue e Letterature Straniere (AnnalSS)Italy30 Apr 10cfpapers
CFP: From Solidarity to Schism: 9/11 and After in Fiction and Film from Outside the USUSA20 Aug 08cfpapers
International Peer-reviewed Journal of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature “Sjani” (The Thoughts)Georgia15 Feb 11cfpapers
Poetics of the Paratext1 Jul 09cfpapers
Research project and web portal Polyphonie. Mehrsprachigkeit_Kreativität_Schreiben invites contributionsItaly30 Sep 16cfpapers
Mediterranean Review Korea, South31 Dec 15cfpapers
Trauma as cultural palimpsestsPoland31 Jan 162 - 3 Jun 16cfpapers
Salvage: The 14th Triennial Conference of the British Comparative Literature AssociationUnited Kingdom15 Jul 1612 - 15 Jul 16cfpapers
After Writing Back. Present and future perspectives in Postcolonial Studies.Italy30 Jun 0913 - 15 Oct 09cfpapers
3rd International Symposium "Contemporary Issues of Literary Criticism"Georgia1 Jul 0922 - 24 Sep 09cfpapers
International Conference The War in Literature and CultureLithuania23 Sep 1523 - 23 Oct 15cfpapers
Textus n. 1 2011 Italy15 Nov 0915 - 15 Nov 09cfpapers
The XIXth Congress of International Comparative Literature Association: 2010 Seoul ConferenceKorea, South15 - 21 Aug 10event
The 8th Annual NY-St. Petersburg Institute of Linguistics, Cognition and Culture (Summer school)Russia26 Mar 1012 - 30 Jul 10event
Un-titled. Affirming Negations – Negating AffirmationsGermany28 Mar 101 - 3 Jul 10event
XII International Conference of the British Comparative Literature Association: ArchiveUnited Kingdom18 Dec 095 - 8 Jul 10event
The Spatial Turn in Literary Studies / Prostorski obrat v literarni vedi: The 10th Annual International Comparative Literature Colloquium / 10. mednarodni komparativistični kolokvijSlovenia15 Mar 126 - 7 Sep 12event
Ding, ding, ting. Objets médiateurs de culture. Espaces germanophone, néerlandophone et nordiqueFrance30 Jun 1211 - 13 Apr 13event
6th international symposium - Contemporary Issues of Literary Criticism "Medieval Literature Processes: Europe, Asia, Georgia"Georgia15 Apr 1226 - 28 Sep 12event
Who or What Reads Literature? 8th International Comparative Literature Colloquium, Lipica, SloveniaSlovenia10 May 102 - 3 Sep 10event
Rome’s Modernity: Trauma, Fracture, NarrationItaly31 May 1217 - 18 Oct 12event
Tales of Transit. Narrative Migrant Spaces in Transatlantic Perspective, 1830-1954Belgium15 Nov 0910 - 13 Jun 10event
Austria and America: Cross-Cultural Encounters 1865-1933Austria20 May 126 - 7 Dec 12event
The World is Composed of Stories: The Relationship between Discourses and their TransformationsLithuania15 Jun 1213 - 16 Sep 12event
Private Lives, Intimate ReadingsEstonia25 Mar 1311 - 12 Jun 13event
ACLA 2010: Mistakes, Mistranslations and Mendacity: The Logic and Language of CosmopolitanismUSA13 Nov 091 - 4 Apr 10event
Les figures du marginal dans les littératures (Colloque international)France12 - 16 Apr 10event
ACLA 2010: The Creolization of Myth: Between Interculturation and RemediationUSA23 Nov 091 - 4 Apr 10event
Self, Selves and Sexualities, an Interdisciplinary ConferenceIreland20 Nov 0919 - 20 Mar 10event
Literature and the Arts: Second International Postgraduate SymposiumIreland16 Oct 0927 - 28 Nov 09event
Imagological Aspect of Modern Comparative Literature: Strategies and Paradigms (International Conference)Ukraine30 Dec 0922 - 23 Apr 10event
Transcultural Imaginaries: Making New, Making StrangeSingapore20 Feb 1314 - 17 Jun 13event
Dante’s Rhetoric of Space(s): Contemporary Dante Research (2nd Call for Papers for the Interdisciplinary Conference of Northern European Dante Network – NEDANTEN)Estonia25 Jan 139 - 11 May 13event
Translating small literatures to the global market (Workshop)Bulgaria15 May 1326 - 27 May 13event
Synapsis 2012: PassionsItaly15 May 123 - 10 Sep 12event
10th Ralahine Utopian Studies Workshop: Cognitive Mapping in Contemporary European LiteratureIreland8 Mar 1313 - 13 Jun 13event
Performances of Memory in the Arts - International Conference Netherlands15 Dec 0928 - 29 May 10event
Transitions in Comparative StudiesIreland30 Mar 1228 - 30 Jun 12event
Littérature et musique - musique et littérature au XXe siècleFrance30 Sep 0921 - 22 Oct 10event
“World Literature and National Literatures/Maailmakirjandus ja rahvuskirjandused” - 9th International Conference of the EACLEstonia30 Apr 1125 - 28 Sep 11event
4th International Symposium “Contemporary Issues of Literary Criticism” Georgia1 May 106 - 8 Oct 10event
Synapsis 2010: UtopiaItaly15 May 1023 - 30 Sep 10event
'Fictionality Across the Arts and Media'Germany15 Jul 1113 - 15 Oct 11event
International Symposium "Mythological Thinking, Folklore and Literary Discourse. European and the Caucasian Tradition” - EXTENDED DEADLINEGeorgia1 Jun 1128 - 30 Sep 11event
The Identity of the Baltic Region: Comparative Literary Research (International Conference)Lithuania20 Aug 1123 - 25 Sep 11event
Figures de la singularitéFrance30 Apr 104 - 6 Nov 10event
'Re-vision in Contemporary Women's Writing' Canada12 Nov 1031 - 3 Apr 11event
IABA Europe 2011: Trajectories of Be(longing): Europe in Life WritingEstonia20 Nov 1018 - 20 May 11event
ACLA 2011 Seminar 'European Literature/European Literatures?'USA1 Nov 1031 - 3 Apr 11event
Watteau au confluent des arts: Caractères de la danseFrance15 Apr 109 - 10 Dec 10event
XVIII Simposio de la Sociedad Española de Literatura General y Comparada - EXTENSION OF DEADLINESpain28 Feb 109 - 11 Nov 10event
Challenges of the Modern World Dynamics for the HumanitiesLithuania25 Sep 102 - 3 Dec 10event
Comparativism, Identity, Communication (CIC2011): International ConferenceRomania20 Sep 1121 - 22 Oct 11event
Traduction et partages : que pensons-nous devoir transmettre ? XXXVIIe congrès de la SFLGCFrance27 - 29 Oct 11event
XVIII Simposio de la Sociedad Española de Literatura General y ComparadaSpain31 Dec 099 - 11 Sep 10event
Avant-garde Visions: The Themersons and the Gaberbocchus Press (EXTENDED DEADLINE)United Kingdom24 Feb 1215 - 15 Jun 12event
LUDUS: The Narrative of Games and the Art of PlayUnited Kingdom30 Apr 1222 - 22 Jun 12event
International Conference 'The Maritime Theme in Literature'Ukraine30 Jun 109 - 10 Sep 10event
Fifth World Congress of the International American Studies Association: “American Configurations”Brazil27 - 29 Jul 11event
Myth, Literature and the UnconsciousUnited Kingdom31 Mar 102 - 4 Sep 10event
„Die Literatur und ihr Spiel“/„La littérature et son jeu“: Jahrestagung der schweizerischen Gesellschaft für allgemeine und vergleichende Literaturwissenschaft/Colloque annuel de L’Association Suisse de littérature générale et comparéeSwitzerland8 - 9 Jun 12event
Europe 2020: Towards Innovative and Inclusive UnionMacedonia17 Jan 1217 - 17 May 12event
The Rhetorics of Space (International Conference)Slovenia30 Jul 1124 - 25 Nov 11event
Traduction et partages : que pensons-nous devoir transmettre? XXXVIIe Congrès de la Société Française de Littérature générale et comparéeFrance20 Dec 1027 - 29 Oct 11event
Les héros culturels : récits et représentations (Colloque international)France22 - 24 Mar 12event
Teaching European Literature in Imperial EuropeUSA29 - 1 Apr 12event
Religious Experience and Tradition (International interdisciplinary scientific conference)Lithuania15 Dec 1111 - 12 May 12event
Fragile Realities: Intersecting Interpretations of the Real - Inaugural Thoughtsforward/SELCS Postgraduate Conference 2012United Kingdom30 Apr 126 - 6 Jul 12event
Historiography in literatures and cultures: between literature, myth and historyAzerbaijan5 Jun 1320 - 21 Dec 13event
Anglo-Hellenic Modernism WorkshopUnited Kingdom8 - 8 Apr 16event
From Christianisations and Islamisations to (Hetero)Europeanisations: Transformations of Cultural-Historical Heritage on the European Margins: A multidisciplinary conferenceBulgaria1 Nov 1531 - 2 Apr 16event
Panel at the NeMLA: Comics and Graphic Novels in a Transnational PerspectiveUSA30 Sep 1623 - 26 Mar 16event
Imagined Central European Geographies. Towards the Contemporary Politics of LocationGermany31 Jan 1629 - 1 May 16event
Presumed Autonomy: Literature and Art in Theory and PracticeSweden5 Jan 1610 - 13 May 16event
La traduction sous l’Occupation : 1943 dans l’espace francophone européenFrance3 - 3 Jun 16event
Reading and Writing in a Participative Culture: A Symposium on the Life and Work of Terry PratchettIreland17 Apr 1628 - 28 May 16event
Reintroducing the Semiosphere: The 8th Annual Lotman Conference at Tallinn UniversityEstonia14 Mar 1627 - 29 May 16event
Normes et transgressions dans les littératures romanesBulgaria3 May 1520 - 21 Nov 15event
Comparing “WE’s”. Community, Cosmopolitanism and Emancipation in a Global Context (International seminar)Portugal15 Jun 158 - 9 Oct 15event
ENCLS/REELC 2015 Congress – CFP for a panel on "The Romantic (Be)Longing and National Poets: Imagining a Nation in European 19th-Century Literatures"Ireland1 Oct 1424 - 28 Aug 15event
ENCLS 2015 Congress – call for proposals for panel on "Comparative Ideology and Adaptation"Ireland19 Sep 1424 - 28 Aug 15event
The book to come: The 13th biannual conference of the Nordic Association for Comparative LiteratureSweden19 Feb 1520 - 22 Aug 15event
Practices of the sign and/or representational strategies in literature (Thirteenth International Comparative Literature Colloquium, Vilenica 2015)Slovenia21 Apr 154 - 5 Sep 15event
AfroEurope@ns: Black Cultures and Identities in Europe V conference in MünsterGermany1 Mar 1516 - 19 Sep 15event
11th International Conference of the Estonian Association of Comparative Literature (EACL): “Belletristic Translation: A Means of Cultural-Spiritual Dialogue or a Tool of Acculturation?”Estonia30 Apr 1527 - 30 Sep 15event
Tradition and Contemporary Literature: The 9 th International SymposiumGeorgia10 Apr 1523 - 25 Sep 15event
The Russians Abroad: Russian Literature in Recent French and English Fiction/ Des Russes à l’étranger : La littérature russe dans les fictions francophones et anglophones contemporainesGermany15 Oct 158 - 10 Jun 16event
Cultural Encounters through Reading and Writing: New Approaches to the History of Literary Culture (International Conference)United Kingdom18 Sep 159 - 11 Jun 16event
Funding Opportunity: Walter Benjamin Workshop for Younger ScholarsGermany1 Jun 1615 - 15 Feb 17event
TU Dresden Summer School 2016: “Risk Communication and Narratives of Risk”Germany31 May 163 - 7 Oct 16event
Ethical Literary Criticism, Comparative Literature, and World Literature - The 6th Conference of International Association for Ethical Literary Criticism (IAELC)Estonia30 Apr 161 - 7 Oct 16event
Les cinémas berbères : de la méconnaissance aux festivals nationaux. Comparaisons africainesFrance20 Jul 1619 - 19 Oct 16event
CONVERGENCE OF ARTISTIC MEDIAFinland1 Sep 161 - 2 Nov 16event
Mediality and Literature: international conferenceSlovenia30 Mar 1624 - 25 Nov 16event
Romantic LegaciesTaiwan15 May 1618 - 19 Nov 16event
Colloque « Littérature, langues et arts devant le terrorisme »France15 Dec 1528 - 1 Oct 16event
The 10th International Symposium Modernism in Literature. Environment, Themes, NamesGeorgia10 Apr 1628 - 30 Sep 16event
21. Weltkongress der International Comparative Literature Association/21st World congress of the International Comparative Literature Association: Die vielen Sprachen der Literaturwissenschaft/The Many Languages of Comparative LiteratureAustria31 Aug 1521 - 27 Jul 16event
Visual Literacies as Visual ImageriesUnited Kingdom29 Jan 166 - 8 Jul 16event
Metaphor in the Arts, in Media and CommunicationGermany3 Jan 161 - 4 Jul 16event
Literature and Ethics: 14th International Comparative Literature ColloquiumSlovenia1 Apr 169 - 10 Sep 16event
Borders and CrossingsPoland1 May 1612 - 14 Sep 16event
Cultural Bridges and UnderbridgesLithuania30 Jun 1623 - 24 Sep 16event
Goldsmiths Literature Seminar: Visual Pleasure: Acts of Looking in Narrative CultureUnited Kingdom31 Aug 1614 - 14 Sep 16event
«Intercultural Poetics. Literary Representations of ‘The Foreign Other’» (International Conference)Portugal31 Mar 1518 - 19 Jun 15event
The State of Fiction: Don DeLillo in the 21st CenturyUnited Kingdom19 Mar 1510 - 10 Jun 15event
World Literature: Reading and Writing in the Age of Globalisation (International Spring School for Students)Germany30 Sep 1317 - 2 Mar 14event
Austria and America: Cross-Cultural Encounters 1933-1955Austria1 May 1324 - 25 Jan 14event
Going Caribbean! New Perspectives on Caribbean Literature and Art Portugal15 Jun 092 - 3 Nov 09event
World Literature: A View from Glocal SpanishesSpain31 Jan 1427 - 28 Feb 14event
David Damrosch in LjubljanaSlovenia10 - 11 Mar 14event
Legal Bodies: Corpus / Persona / CommunitasNetherlands14 Feb 1415 - 17 May 14event
... With FeelingMalta16 Mar 1411 - 12 Apr 14event
Be Merry and Wise: Children’s Literature from Chapbooks to the Digital Age (biennial conference of the ISSCL)Ireland9 Dec 1328 - 29 Mar 14event
Travelling Narratives: Modernity and the Spatial ImaginarySwitzerland10 Jul 1329 - 1 Dec 13event
Universality of Literature and Universals in Literature: Historical and Ahistorical PerspectivesSlovenia15 Oct 1328 - 29 Nov 13event
AISCLI Summer School: World Cultures & Literatures In EnglishItaly6 Jul 1316 - 21 Sep 13event
Literature and Moving Pictures/Literatura in gibljive slike. 11th International Comparative Literature Colloquium/10. mednarodni komparativistični kolokvij, Vilenica 2013Slovenia30 Jun 1311 - 13 Sep 13event
Annual Conference 2013: “Cultural Memory”Macedonia1 Feb 135 - 6 Sep 13event
The Long Twentieth Century (1885-2008): Literature, Politics, AestheticsUnited Kingdom15 Apr 1318 - 18 Sep 13event
10th International Conference of the EACL “National Literatures and Comparative Literary Research”Estonia30 Apr 1322 - 25 Sep 13event
International Symposium on Comparative SciencesBulgaria20 May 138 - 11 Oct 13event
The 7th International Symposium: Literature in Exile. Emigrants’ Fiction (20th century experience)Georgia1 Apr 1325 - 27 Sep 13event
Modernist CriticismsUnited Kingdom7 Mar 147 - 7 Jun 14event
Education and Emancipation of Women in the Habsburg Monarchy: Slavonic Regions in the South and Impulse Exchange with Vienna, Prague and BudapestAustria15 Sep 1313 - 14 Jun 14event
The International Scientific Conference "Popular Culture: Reading From Below" Macedonia15 Apr 143 - 4 Nov 14event
Romanticism and the FutureCyprus26 Sep 1424 - 25 Oct 14event
Des Italiens au Congo aux Italiens du Congo : images, écrits, oeuvres d'une Italie glocale (du 19e siècle à nos jours), Colloque internationalFrance31 Dec 1316 - 18 Oct 14event
Images of Identity: International SymposiumSwitzerland28 Nov 1430 - 31 Jan 15event
Austria and America: Cross-Cultural Encounters 1955-2015Austria7 Dec 1426 - 27 Mar 15event
Italian novellieri and Their Influence on Renaissance and Baroque European CultureItaly15 Feb 1513 - 15 May 15event
Transcultural Amnesia: Mapping Displaced Memories (International Conference)Portugal31 Oct 1416 - 18 Apr 15event
Gendered modernities in motionSouth Africa31 Jan 157 - 10 Apr 15event
Vth International Comparative Literature Conference - Local Contexts, Global Connections: Transitions, Deviations, Innovations in Literature, Culture and ArtTurkey30 May 1415 - 17 Oct 14event
ENCLS-CLAI Congress – “Longing and Belonging” – Ireland 24-28 August 2015. Call for proposals for a panel on: "Lisbon Off the Record: Exchanges, Discontinuities and Paradoxes"Ireland13 Oct 1410 - 28 Oct 14event
Minding Borders (OCCT's second annual conference)United Kingdom10 - 11 Sep 14event
Literature and Music: Junctions, Intersections, Misconceptions (The 12th annual international comparative literature colloquium of the Slovenian Comparative Literature Association)Slovenia15 Apr 145 - 6 Sep 14event
Revolution & EvolutionUnited Kingdom1 Mar 1410 - 11 Jul 14event
Zig-zag, twist and turn: Toying with Gabriel Josipovici (International Conference)Sweden1 Jun 1422 - 23 Sep 14event
The 8th International Symposium: National Literatures and the Process of Cultural GlobalizationGeorgia10 Apr 1424 - 26 Sep 14event
Women Writing Across Cultures: An international symposium at St Hilda's CollegeUnited Kingdom26 - 28 Sep 14event
The Letter in Literature and Culture: International ConferenceLithuania1 Jun 1426 - 27 Sep 14event
Third annual session of the Institute for World LiteratureUSA1 Feb 1324 - 18 Jul 13event
Global Languages, Local Cultures: Annual Meeting American Comparative Literature Association, March 26-29, 2009 USA1 Nov 0826 - 29 Mar 09event
NorLit-conference 2007 - The Angel of History. Literature, History, and Culture.Finland1 Dec 0615 - 18 Aug 07event
Literature and Censorship: Who is Afraid of the Truth of Literature? (5th International Comparative Literature Colloquium)Slovenia1 May 076 - 7 Sep 07event
Re-Mediating LiteratureNetherlands6 Nov 064 - 6 Jul 07event
British Comparative Literature Association XI International Conference 'Folly'United Kingdom26 Jan 072 - 5 Jul 07event
Master in Theoretical and Comparative Studies in Literature and CultureSpain10 Sep 084 - 10 Sep 08event
"Cinematicity" 1895: Before & AfterUnited Kingdom1 Jan 0724 - 25 Mar 07event
II REELC-ENCLS Biennial Conference: Fortunes et infortunes des genres littéraires en EuropeFrance15 Sep 066 - 8 Sep 07event
Comparative Literature in the 20th Century: A Symposium Marking the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Anton OcvirkSlovenia31 Mar 0620 - 21 Sep 07event
Metamorphic Spaces in Children’s Literature and Culture, International Conference On Children’s Literature And CultureFinland31 Aug 0717 - 19 Jan 08event
Europa ! Europa ? First bi-annual conference of the European Network for Avant-Garde and Modernism Studies (EAM)Belgium1 Sep 0729 - 31 May 08event
Malcolm Bowie Memorial Lecture in Comparative LiteratureUnited Kingdom1 Jan 7012 - 12 Jan 08event
Migration of Cultures and Social PracticesBulgaria2 Jun 0715 - 16 Nov 07event
7th International Conference of the EACL: “Contemporary Fate of Great Cultural and Literary Myths”Estonia30 Apr 0723 - 26 Sep 07event
A Barbarian in Literature and Art, International ConferenceLithuania6 Sep 079 - 10 Nov 07event
Synapsis - European School for Comparative Studies. Italy18 May 088 - 15 Sep 08event
Sociedad Española de Literatura General y Comparada: XVIIth ConferenceSpain31 Mar 0818 - 20 Sep 08event
NEW: CONGRESS PROGRAM - 5th REELC-ENCLS International Congress / 5ème Congrès international / 5º Congresso internacionalPortugal15 Dec 1226 - 28 Sep 13event
XXth ICLA/AILC Congress, ParisFrance1 Jun 1218 - 24 Jul 13event
Balkan Languages, Literatures and Cultures. Divergence and ConvergenceBulgaria30 Nov 1330 - 31 May 14event
Synapsis 2014: RebellionItaly15 May 141 - 8 Sep 14event
Pars pro toto. Balkan Literatures in Europe /Pars pro toto. Les Balkans Littéraires en EuropeBulgaria10 Jan 1531 - 4 Sep 15event
European Network for Comparative Literary Studies (REELC/ENCLS) 6th Biennial Congress “Longing and Belonging”Ireland1 Oct 1424 - 28 Aug 15event
National - postnational - transnational? Current Perspectives on Contemporary German Fiction from Southeastern EuropeCzech Republic10 - 13 May 12event
Živo branje: literatura, znanost in humanistika / Reading Live: Literature, Science and Humanities - 9. mednarodni komparativistični kolokvij / 9th International Comparative Literature Colloquium VILENICA 2010Slovenia1 Jul 118 - 9 Sep 11event
L’Autre au miroir de la scène - Colloque internationalFrance15 Jan 1018 - 20 Nov 10event
Synapsis European School of Comparative Literature, 2009: Shadows/ OmbreItaly10 Jun 096 - 13 Sep 09event
The Book: An Economy of Cultural Spaces (International conference)Slovenia15 Jun 1025 - 26 Nov 10event
Translation as ReceptionBulgaria14 - 15 Jan 11event
Edgar Alan Poe – marginal and universal (International Conference)Bulgaria15 Apr 0930 - 31 Oct 09event
4th International REELC/ENCLS Congress: Literary Dislocations / Déplacements littérairesMacedonia1 Dec 101 - 3 Sep 11event
Responding to Cosmopolitanism: The New Identities of Literary TheorySlovenia1 Jan 705 - 7 Jun 08event
III BCLA Graduate Student Conference: 'Confrontation'United Kingdom2 Jan 0730 - 30 Mar 07event
Brave New Worlds. Old and New Classics of Children’s LiteraturesItaly1 Jan 0911 - 12 Jun 09event
Mindful of Othernesss: Literature and Ethics Graduate ConferenceUK26 Mar 0913 - 13 Jun 09event
The Translator as Author - International ConferenceItaly1 Jan 0928 - 29 May 09event
Crossing Boundaries: The Making and Circulation of Art and Literature (An international conference)United Kingdom31 Jan 0918 - 20 May 09event
The Author: Who or What Is Writing Literature?Slovenia10 May 084 - 5 Sep 08event
VI Congreso Internacional de ALEPHPortugal15 Dec 0827 - 30 Apr 09event
Back to the Futurists: Avant-gardes 1909-2009United Kingdom1 Apr 092 - 4 Jul 09event
Kdo izbere? - Literatura in literarno posredništvo / Who Chooses? - Literature and Literary MediationSlovenia5 May 093 - 4 Sep 09event
The Essay and Singularity: An International Conference of the Slovenian Comparative Literature Association Slovenia31 May 0921 - 22 Oct 09event
Playing with Stereotypes. Redefining Hispanic Identity in Post-national Literature and Cinema. (International Conference)Belgium15 May 0929 - 31 Oct 09event
Totalitarianism and Literary Discourse (20th century experience)Georgia10 Aug 097 - 9 Oct 09event
8th International Conference of the EACL: History of Literature as a Factor of a National and Supranational Literary CanonEstonia29 Apr 0926 - 29 Sep 09event
Third International REELC-ENCLS CongressLithuania25 Jan 0911 - 13 Sep 09event
Metamorphosing DanteGermany30 Apr 0924 - 26 Sep 09event
Spaces of Comparison: Welsh Writing in English in Comparative Contexts (AWWE Annual Conference)United Kingdom14 Jan 0927 - 29 Mar 09event
Phantasmata: Techniques of the Uncanny (Workshop, ICI-Berlin)Germany15 Jan 096 - 8 Apr 09event
Oriente e Occidente. Temi, generi e immagini dentro e fuori l’Europa Italy15 Jul 0813 - 15 Nov 08event
Memory, Testimony, and Forgetfulness Portugal31 May 0817 - 18 Nov 08event
In Search of InterdisciplinarityBulgaria1 Nov 084 - 4 Dec 08event
Comparative Mysticism of the Middle Ages: Textual Traditions, 600-1600. Third Annual Sacred Leaves Graduate SymposiumFlorida, USA14 Nov 0819 - 20 Feb 09event
Espaces, tourismes, esthétiques: Colloque interdisciplinaireFrance15 Jun 089 - 10 Oct 08event
Onomastics and LiteratureItaly30 Jun 088 - 10 Oct 08event
Cultural Memory: Forgetting to Remember/ Remembering to ForgetUnited Kingdom30 Jan 0810 - 13 Sep 08event
Cultural Production and Negotiation of BordersNorway15 Mar 0811 - 13 Sep 08event
La prospettiva antropologica nel pensiero e nella poesia di Giacomo LeopardiItaly1 Jan 7023 - 26 Sep 08event
American experience and and fictional worlds in European novels around 1850Austria30 Dec 072 - 3 Oct 08event
Cosmopolitanism and the Postnational: Literature and the New EuropeUSA1 Oct 0826 - 29 Mar 09event
Atlantis Hypothesis: Looking for a Lost LandGreece15 Jun 0810 - 11 Nov 08event
La Cage des Méridiens: La Littérature et l’Art Contemporain Face à la Globalisation, by Bertrand WestphalFrancepublication
ENCLS Bibliography on General and Comparative Literature (Proposal from Bernard Franco)Sloveniapublication
REELC Bulletin / ENCLS Newsletter No.3 September 2016Sloveniapublication
DING, DING, TING : OBJETS MÉDIATEURS DE CULTURE Espaces germanophone, néerlandophone et nordique (Auteurs: Kim Andringa, Frédérique Harry, Agathe Mareuge et Bénédicte Terrisse)Francepublication
The Diaries of Waguih Ghali: An Egyptian Writer in the Swinging SixtiesEgyptpublication
La Seconde Profondeur: La traduction poétique et les poètes traducteurs en Europe au xx e siècle (Auteur: Christine Lombez)Francepublication
REELC Bulletin / ENCLS Newsletter No.1 January 2015Irelandpublication
Tales of Berlin in American Literature up to the 21st Century, by Joshua ParkerNetherlandspublication
REELC Bulletin / ENCLS Newsletter No.1 January 2014Irelandpublication
Géocritique: Etat des lieux/Geocriticism: A Survey, Nov. 2014 (by Clément Lévy, Bertrand Westphal, ed.)Francepublication
World Literatures from the Nineteenth to the Twenty-first Century (ed. Marko Juvan)USApublication
Théophile Gautier. Le poète impeccable (by Alain Montandon)United Kingdompublication
Prosper Mérimée: Études et traductions de littérature russe Francepublication
REELC/ENCLS Newsletter No1 - January 2012Sloveniapublication
Responding to Cosmopolitanism: The New Identities of Literary Theorypublication
Literary Studies in Reconstruction: An Introduction to Literature (by Marko Juvan)Slovenia1 - 1 Jun 14publication
Европейска литература... (LITTÉRATURE EUROPÉENNE / LITTÉRATURES EUROPÉENNES. Les littératures balkaniques sont-elle européennes ?), in Bulgarian (by Roumiana L. Stantcheva)Bulgariapublication
REELC Bulletin / ENCLS Newsletter No.2 May 2013Irelandpublication
Hybridizing Theory and Literature/Teoretsko-literarni hibridipublication
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Interdisciplinary Studies in Diasporas (Book series)USApublication
"Introduction." History and Poetics of Intertextualitypublication
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REELC Bulletin / ENCLS Newsletter No.3 September 2015publication
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Literature and spacepublication
REELC Bulletin / ENCLS Newsletter No.2 May 2015publication
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REELC Bulletin / ENCLS Newsletter No.2 May 2016Germanypublication
Le pouvoir au féminin - Spielräume weiblicher Macht: Identités, Représentations et stéréotypes dans l’espace germanique (by Aline le Berre, Angelika Schober, Florent Gabaude, ed.)Francepublication
Literatures in the Digital Era: Theory and PraxisUnited Kingdompublication
Clowns, Fools and Picaros: Popular Forms in Theatre, Fiction and FilmNetherlandspublication
Penser l’envers obscur de la modernité : Une anthologie de la pensée décoloniale latino-américaine (by Claude Bourguignon Rougier, Philippe Colin, Ramón Grosfoguel, ed.)Francepublication
The proceedings of the Première rencontre francoespagnole de chercheursSpainpublication
Podoba Trsta in Tržaškega v slovenski in italijanski poeziji prve polovice 20. stoletja [The image of Trieste and the Trieste region in Slovene and Italian poetry of the first half of the 20th century] (by Ana Toroš) Sloveniapublication
La fiction face au passé : Histoire, mémoire et espace-temps dans la fiction littéraire océanienne contemporaine (by Stéphanie Vigier)Francepublication
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Les espaces des écritures hispaniques et hispano-américaines au XXIe siècle (by Eduardo Ramos-Izquierdo and Marie-Alexandra Barataud, ed.)Francepublication
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La Construction idéologique slave orientale. Langues, races et nations dans la Russie du XIXème siècle (by Virginie Symaniec)Francepublication
Writing Literary History: Selected Perspectives from Central EuropeGermany, Sloveniapublication
La Recherche en Littérature Générale et Comparée en France en 2007Francepublication
Transformations of the European Landscape: Encounters Between the Self and the Other (Europos kraštovaizdžio transformacijos: Savo ir svetimo susitikimai), 3rd International REELC/ENCLS CongressLithuaniapublication
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Comparative Literature in the 20th Century (Summaries of the Papers)publication
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Literary Dislocations: 4th International REELC/ENCLS Congress / Déplacements littéraires: IV Congrés international de REELC/ENCLS / Книжевни дислокации: IV. Меѓународен конгрес на европската мрежа за книжевни компаративни студииMacedoniapublication
New books of interest announcement (sent by Steven Tötösy de Zepetnek)USApublication
L’écrivain et son Limousin: Études sur L’Appartenir (by Thomas Bauer, ed.)Francepublication
Géographie poétique et cartographie littéraire (ed. Véronique Maleval, Marion Picker, Florent Gabaude)Francepublication
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William Shakespeare’s SonnetsSwitzerlandpublication
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CLCWeb Thematic IssuesIndiana, USApublication
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La mise en scène du corps (by Emeline Chauvet & Juliane Rouassi, ed.)Francepublication
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Nizar Kabbani a-t-il plagié Jacques Prévert? (by Magda Ibrahim)Francepublication
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Désirs et débris d'épopées au XXe siecle (ed. Saulo Neiva)Switzerlandpublication
Palabras extremasSpainpublication
Primerjalna književnost v 20. stoletju in Anton Ocvirk./Comparative Literature in the 20th Century and Anton Ocvirk.Sloveniapublication
Hélène Cixous : texture mythique et alchimique (by Metka Zupančič)Alabama, United Statespublication
Traditionnel, Identité, ModernitéBulgariapublication
Funding opportunities for postgraduate study in English & Comparative Literature at Goldsmiths, University of LondonUnited Kingdom22 May 14scholarship
Funding opportunities for postgraduate study in English & Comparative Literature at Goldsmiths, University of LondonUKscholarship
Funding opportunities for postgraduate study at GoldsmithsUnited Kingdom14 Apr 09scholarship
Doctoral Research Scholarships at the School of English, Dublin City UniversityIreland12 May 16scholarship