CfP - Words in Exile: Poetics of Female Voices of the Portuguese-Speaking World (InterDISCIPLINARY Journal of Portuguese Diaspora Studies)

InterDISCIPLINARY Journal of Portuguese Diaspora Studies
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15 March, 2014
Dora Nunes Gago, PhD (
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Call for Papers

Words in Exile: Poetics of Female Voices of the Portuguese-Speaking World

Editor: Dora Nunes Gago, University of Macau

Special Issue  - InterDISCIPLINARY Journal of Portuguese Diaspora Studies (Spring 2015)

Renowned female writers of the Portuguese-speaking world have fictionalized or transposed into poetry and narratives the experiences lived in foreign countries. This special issue seeks to explore the literary representations of exile, alterity and identity views of the ‘other,’ as well as other pertinent topics in the works of these female writers.

Unpublished and original papers, in Portuguese, Spanish, English or French are welcome.  Possible areas for consideration include, but are not limited to:

  • Comparative and historical perspectives
  • Literary representations and stereotypes  
  • Identity and alterity
  • Representations of feminity in exile in works of art, music, and literature
  • The exilic perspective; the diasporic female intellectual
  • Literary representations of generations
  • Language, languages, bilingualism, translation
  • Translation and orality 
  • Memory: remembering and forgetting
  • Trauma and narrative repair
  • Creative writing
  • Transnational  literary genres, life writing, fiction, drama, poetry, internet
  • Interdisciplinary perspectives of female writings
  • Questioning the other

All articles will be refereed. An invitation to submit a paper to the special issue in no way guarantees that the paper will be published; this is dependent on the review process. Prospective contributors should email all inquiries and submissions to the issue editor, Dora Nunes Gago, PhD ( ). 

Abstract (400-500 words) with a bio-paragraphMarch 15th, 2014.

Article:  September 15th,  2014.

Decision: December 15th, 2014

Publication: June 2015


Manuscripts must be submitted electronically as word documents.When submitting your paper, please use the following checklist to match your submission with the editorial guidelines:

1.       On a separate page, please include the following author’s information: name, address, and email address, professional affiliation, biographical note (maximum 150 words)

2.       Title of the paper

3.       Abstract (400-500 words), and Keywords (5-7 maximum, separated by commas)

4.       Research Paper: 
a) Length: 20-25 pages maximum. This length includes only the text of the article and not the abstract, references, notes and appendices.
b) Paper should conform to the MLA preparation guidelines for punctuation, spelling, capitalization, italics, abbreviations, headings, subheadings, quotations, numbers, tables, figures, citations, and references (
c) Papers should use: 
double-spaced text - 
12-point standard font -(Times, Times Roman)- 1 inch (2,54cm) margins (i.e., top, bottom, left, right) - italics, as needed, but no underlining - page numbers, in the upper right corner of the page header; -section headers, as needed- endnotes - any acknowledgements of persons, institutions, or granting agencies should be brief. - tables, figures and other artwork:Number tables, figures or illustrations consecutively throughout the text. Each should include a title. All labels on figures and illustrations must be typeset. Images must be accompanied with proof of copyright permission.

Book reviews are not to exceed 1,500 words in length.

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Special Issue - InterDISCIPLINARY Journal of Portuguese Diaspora Studies

Dora Nunes Gago, PhD 

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