Colloquia Comparativa Litterarum. Double blind peer-reviewed scholarly review, with open access.

Announcement title (long): 
Please, send us your new article in Comparative literature, for the Issue 2/2016, in French, English or Bulgarian
Sofia University, ISSN: 2367-7716
Closing date for submissions: 
29 February, 2016


   Colloquia Comparativa Litterarum is a scholarly review, established in 2015 as a Yearbook.

   Colloquia Comparativa Litterarum publishes studies in Comparative Literature with an emphasis on the European literatures,

   in particular on the Balkan issues and mainly regarding the period from 18th century until today.


  Texts, received for publication, are to be sent to the editors for blind peer reviewing by two independent experts in the field, in two versions.

   1. A full version: with the name / names, affiliation and short CV, about 5 to 10 lines.

   2. An anonymous version: having no explicit reference to the identity of the author.


  For Author Guidelines, open: