Deterritorializing Practices in Literary Studies (Manuscript working title)

York University - Glendon College
Closing date for submissions: 
15 October, 2010
Alejandro Zamora, PhD Assistant Professor York University - Glendon College 2275 Bayview Avenue Toronto, ON M4N3M6 Canada

Manuscript working title: Deterritorializing Practices in Literary Studies

Editors: María Constanza Guzmán and Alejandro Zamora

Call for contributions

The study of literature has traditionally been attached to a particular territory: a culture, a language, a tradition, a school. Although comparative literature claims to offer a prime locus of interdisciplinary enquiry with its original goal of showing linkages and transcultural relations between different literatures, the scope of its study is still often restricted to national, linguistic, or disciplinary boundaries. Moreover, within comparative literature scholarship certain fields of knowledge take precedent over others, informing most of its assumptions. Having emerged as an alternative to established territories, the field of comparative literature became a territory in itself and created its own boundaries.
Fields such as cultural studies, translation studies, and global perspectives on world literature later emerged as alternative spaces to prevalent disciplinary, linguistic and national territories within comparative literature, focusing their inquiry at the intersection of often contesting territorialities--of nation, culture, language, genre, medium, and discipline. Increasingly, unconventional approaches to the literary are emerging from law, political science, psychology, biology and other areas not commonly associated with literary studies.

This volume seeks to focus on perspectives that question existing territorialities within literary studies. We welcome papers that revisit and problematize traditional literary boundaries, employ the literary apparatus to investigate non-conventionally literary matters, or propose other deterritorializing practices to approach the literary.

Please submit a title and a detailed, 500-word abstract to or by October 15, 2010. The proposals will go through an editorial review and the selections will be made by January 31, 2011. The 3000-word papers will be due by March 15, 2011. We welcome proposals of previously unpublished work.