ACLA 2010: The Creolization of Myth: Between Interculturation and Remediation

New Orleans
Closing date for submissions: 
23 November, 2009
Event dates: 
01.04.2010 - 04.04.2010

Call for papers - ACLA 2010, New Orleans, 1-4 April 2010

The Creolization of Myth: Between Interculturation and Remediation

Seminar Organizers: Kiene Brillenburg Wurth, Utrecht U; Liedeke Plate, Radboud U Nijmegen

Myth, defined as a culturally central story that is told and retold, lends itself particularly well to creolization. This creolization, today, inevitably involves new media and technologies, which then contribute to the articulation of new diasporic and/or cosmopolitan grammars of identity and vocabularies for the self. How does the creolization of myth, the intercultural rewriting of myth and its incorporation of heterogenous elements, affect contemporary formations of national, social, and cultural identities? And what roles do remediation and the mixing of media play in these identities? This panel seeks to explore the creolization of myth in a novel way as a dynamic of interculturation and remediation at the same time: myths circulate not only in-between different cultures (and changing constantly as a result of that circulation), but also in-between different media that profoundly affect their vitality and “longevity.” Indeed, since myths typically have no stable, author ial, and medial origin they have always already been creolized.
We are particularly interested in papers addressing creolizations of the myth of (old) Europe, migrant rewritings of local myths, Canongate’s series The Myths. We also welcome papers looking at contemporary rewritings of ancient myths through the lens of “the creole.”

Proposals are to be submitted through the ACLA website:
Deadline for Paper Proposals: November 23, 2009
For more information, contact: Kiene Brillenburg Wurth <C.A.W.BrillenburgWurth[at]> and/or Liedeke Plate <l.plate[at]>