Vth International Comparative Literature Conference - Local Contexts, Global Connections: Transitions, Deviations, Innovations in Literature, Culture and Art

Mersin University
Closing date for submissions: 
30 May, 2014
Event dates: 
15.10.2014 - 17.10.2014
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Dear Colleagues


As it is appointed in the “IVth International Comparative Literature Conference” held in November, 2012 in University of Kırıkkale, and announced on the website of the Conference,


The “Vth International Comparative Literature Conference” will be held on October, 15-16-17th, 2014 in Mersin University.


Mobility is the most important feature of contemporary culture. Interliterary, intercultural, interdisciplinary, and interartistic relations as mobility among cultures are the basic research areas of comparative literature. With this feature, comparative literature studies the interaction of national literatures with the other national literatures, sciences, and arts, and explores the cultural contacts, relations, meetings, transitions, deviances, varieties, and innovations between nations, moreover studies on comparative literature make contributions to general literary studies as literary criticism and as literary history.


In this context, we determined the title of the “Vth International Comparative Literature Conference” as “LOCAL CONTEXTS, GLOBAL CONNECTIONS: Transitions, Deviations, Innovations in Literature, Culture and Art”. The inspirations of this title are Yaşar KEMAL, the writer of local cultural values of Anatolia, and Pierre BOURDIEU, the sociologist emphasizing globality of cultural transfer.


“International Comparative Literature Conference” became traditional in Turkey. It is promising as to the intellectual contributions to literature that this discipline became traditional at a level of Conference, the number of departments of comparative literature and qualified researches arised, new concepts and new approaches were employed by the literary studies in Turkey, and new horizons were expanded.


There is a strong tradition of Turkish Literature, unique translation experience, variety of borrowing and reception not seen in world literature. This variety of interaction and processes of innovation ensure a productive discussion environment. We believe that discussion on these processes in the “Vth International Comparative Literature Conference” will contribute to the research of Literature in context of mobility.


We invite our colleagues conducting academic research with an interliterary, interdisciplinary, and interartistic approach to theVth International Comparative Literature Conference held by Mersin University, Faculty of Science and Letters.


Yours sincerely,


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cemal SAKALLI
On behalf of Organizing Committee