Who or What Reads Literature? 8th International Comparative Literature Colloquium, Lipica, Slovenia

Slovenian Comparative Literature Association
Closing date for submissions: 
10 May, 2010
Event dates: 
02.09.2010 - 03.09.2010

Call for papers

Slovenian Comparative Literature Association



Who or What Reads Literature?

8th International Comparative Literature Colloquium

2nd – 3rd September 2010, Lipica, Slovenia

Together with Slovenian Writers’ Association, the Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the Department for Comparative Literature and Literary Theory (Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana), Slovenian Comparative Literature Association will host the 8th International Comparative Literature Colloquium, entitled Who or What Reads Literature?

The international colloquium traditionally promotes up-to date research results of Slovenian literary science and its interdisciplinary affiliations with the humanities, as well as the studies of Slovenian fiction, originating in literary studies abroad. Taking place in Slovenia, the event serves a systematic traditional integration of Slovenian literary studies in the international exchange of research results.

International colloquium entitled The Reader: Who or What Reads Literature? will offer three thematically divided albeit interconnected and overlapping sections. The first one will focus on the historical reader and reading practices, providing the cultural and historical contextualisation of reading practices, including the contemporary ones. Following up from the first, the second section will address various reading motives (the motif of the reader, of reading, of the library etc.). Finally, the third section will (re)consider the theories of reading and reflect on the future of the practice.

As such, the topic of the reader will complement the previous two festival symposiums, which centred on the role of the author (The Author: Who or What Writes Literature? (2008)) and on the importance of literary intermediaries (the publishers, editors and critics, among others) in contemporary literature and culture (Who Chooses?, 2009).

The proceedings of the conference will be published in a special multilingual (Slovenian, English and French) edition of the Slovenian Comparative Literature Association journal Primerjalna književnost (Comparative Literature, www.zrc-sazu.si/sdpk, indexed by A&HCI). A special book publication may also be considered.

As usually, the colloquium will form part of the 25th International Writers’ Festival Vilenica. It will take place in a village named Lipica near Sežana, located in the beautiful Karst region close to Slovenian-Italian border. The colloquium will be held on the 2nd and the 3rd of September at the Lipica Wedding Hall.

. We would like to encourage everyone that might be interested in the topic to send us a paper proposal. The proposals of no more than 250 words should include the title of the presentation and the full address of the applicant.

Please email proposals in English to ; and proposals in French to .

The d-day for submission is May 10, 2010.

The number of speakers being limited, we will be forced to make a selection of proposals arriving on time that will best suite the aims and purposes of the conference.

You will be notified about our decision by May 24.


Further guidelines. If your proposal is accepted, you will be asked to send a short curriculum (5 lines), a photography and an abstract of 500-1000 words (in English) to be translated to Slovenian.

The working language of the conference will be Slovenian, English and French. In case the paper is presented in Slovenian, English translation will be provided. In order to leave enough time for discussion, presentations should not exceed 20 minutes.


Conference facilities. Conference room facilities include an LCD-projector. Normally, the projector will be – when necessary – used for simultaneous translations from Slovenian to English. However, if you will be using the projector for your presentation, the translations of the abstracts will be provided in print.


Travel and accommodation. The organizers will offer free transport to Lipica from Jožef Pučnik airport in Ljubljana. The invited speakers will be accommodated in the Maestoso hotel in Lipica (all meals included).

Participants of the colloquium are welcome to attend other festival events during their stay in Lipica; local transfers to various festival venues will be provided free of charge.

If you have any further query, please contact or .

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