Collaborative Research Groups (CRG) within the REELC/ENCLS -- Questionnaire by Marko Juvan

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Dear colleagues,

After the Round Table Discussion at the end of the 3rd Congress of REELC/ENCLS in Vilnius on September 13, 2009 I presented my proposal to coordinate research projects within the Network.

If you are interested in research collaboration with the colleagues from REELC/ENCLS, please read the text below and fill in the following questionnaire.


Marko Juvan


(The Word file is in the attachment.)

Collaborative Research Groups (CRG) within the REELC/ENCLS


The aim of REELC/ENCLS is to increase transnational research collaboration among its individual and institutional members. There are manifold possibilities of establishing smaller groups or nets of scholars having common interests, methods, and goals; these forms range from forum discussions on our website, through devising outlines of bi- or multilateral conferences, seminars, or workshops, to preparing international project proposals and submitting them to different European or national foundations. A necessary condition for this to happen is to get a better knowledge of what those of us that are interested in working in collaborative research groups are actually doing or planning to do. The Executive Committee of the REELC/ENCLS thus decided, at its September 2009 business meeting in Vilnius, to distribute the following questionnaire and ask the membership to send back their answers to Marko Juvan [marko.juvan(at), or Fax: +3861-425-77-54], the Exec Cttee officer for research coordination, before end November 2009. Based on your response, he will attempt to encourage mutual linking and forum exchange between REELC/ENCLS scholars with similar interests.




Office address






Interest (mark your choices with x)

Participating in an international research project

Leading an international research project

Organizing an international conference, workshop

Forum discussion





Experience in inter-national research collaboration (describe: project leader/participant, applicant, etc.)


Topics of your current research interest (name them, using keywords)


Methods, approaches that you apply or intend to apply


Suggested research (give an idea in no more than 60 words)



Thank you for your cooperation!



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