REELC/ENCLS General Assembly 2013: Agenda, Biennial report on the REELC/ENCLS activities (2011-2013), EC Candidates (2013-2015)

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ENCLS/ REELC General Assembly 2013


Chair: Brigitte Le Juez

1. Presentation of the biennial report on the ENCLS activities in 2011-2013 (see the attachment 2 >>)

2. Report on the issue of membership fees

3. Report on the Newsletter (Brigitte Le Juez)

4. Report on the bibliography (Bernard Franco)

5. Report on the website (Aleš Vaupotič)

6. Motion on remote voting (Aleš Vaupotič; see the attachments 3 >> and 4 >>)

7. Motion on review of the regulations.

8. Election of the EC 2013-15 (see the attachment 5 >>).

9. The plans for the 6th Congress in Dublin (2015)

10. The venue for the 7th Congress (2017)

11. Questions from members, varia

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