REELC/ENCLS collaboration with Synapsis Summer School

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REELC/ECNLS is now officially collaborating with the Synapsis European School for Comparative Studies, jointly sponsored by the Universities of Siena and Bologna.

The School meets yearly, normally in September, with residential week-long courses held in Pontignano (near Siena) or Bertinoro (near Bologna). Its activities are organised around lectures and seminars, but also include a theatre workshop and screening of films.

Students (graduate students at MA, doctoral and postdoctoral level) receive a reading list from tutors well in adavance of the School. After the School, they are invited to write a paper for submission to the journal Quaderni di Synapsis, which will select the best ones for publication and also publishes lectures given by the invited speakers. While they prepare the paper, students can continue to seek advice from the School's tutors. The service offered to the student thus starts well before, and continues well after the week of the courses.

This year's school will meet from Monday, September 8th to Monday, September 15th, 2008, and the topic is "Metropolis". Seminars will focus on Rome, London, Naples, Paris, Berlin, Dublin, as well as photography and the city. They will be led by:

  • Massimo Agus (Siena): "La fotografia e le città" (in Italian);
  • Gillian Beer (Cambridge): "London and the Wandering Tribes" (in English);
  • Roberto Bigazzi (Siena): "Alla conquista di Roma" (in Italian);
  • Laurent Darbellay (Genève): "Flâneries parisiennes" (in French);
  • Maria DiBattista (Princeton): "Joyce's Dublin" (in English);
  • Paola Quarenghi (Roma): "Visioni di Napoli fra teatro e cinema: Raffaele Viviani, Eduardo De Filippo, Vittorio De Sica" (in Italian);
  • Jürgen Wertheimer (Tübingen): "Berlin: Literatur und Film" (in German).

The plenary lectures (all in English) will be given by:

  • Fernando Bayón (Madrid);
  • Lina Bolzoni (Scuola Normale Superiore);
  • Helena Buescu (Lisbon);
  • Laura Caretti (Siena);
  • Gioachino Chiarini (Siena);
  • Orsetta Innocenti (Bologna);
  • Franco La Polla (Bologna);
  • Patrizia Lombardo (Genève);
  • Melania Mazzucco (Roma);
  • Florian Mussgnug (London);
  • Attilio Scuderi (Catania).

The Theatre Workshop will be directed by Laura Caretti.

Film Screenings are organized by Anna Masecchia.

Deadline for applications: 18 May 2008.

The School also offers at least 15 bursaries of €100.

All information, a complete programme, and the application form (including how to apply for a bursary), can be found on the School's website

Or write to: