New Work in Comparative Literature in Europe (ed. Marina Grishakova, Lucia Boldrini, and Matthew Reynolds)

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CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture Issue 15.7 (December 2013). Special Issue: New Work in Comparative Literature in Europe. Ed. Marina Grishakova, Lucia Boldrini, and Matthew Reynolds
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'The articles gathered in New Work in Comparative Literature in Europe are written by scholars working in Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Poland, and the United Kingdom (and in one case a co-author who works in India) and represent a variety of concerns, approaches, styles, and scholarly traditions which co-exist within comparative literary studies in Europe at present. Many of them originate in the sessions "Comparative Literature in Europe: State of the Art" under the auspices of REELC/ENCLS: Réseau Européen d'Etudes Littéraires Comparées / European Network of Comparative Literary Studies and "Disintegration and Integration in Comparative Literature" under the auspices of the British Comparative Literature Association at the 20th Congress of the International Comparative Literature Association / Association Internationale de Littérature Comparée entitled "Comparative Literature as a Critical Approach."'

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Lucia Boldrini, Marina Grishakova, and Matthew Reynolds, Introduction to New Work in Comparative Literature in Europe

Brigitte Le Juez, Positive Uncertainty and the Ethos of Comparative Literature

Lucia Boldrini, Comparative Literature, Ancient Rome, and the Crisis of Modern European History

Sonja Stojmenska-Elzeser, Comparative Literature, (Comparative) Cultural Studies, Aesthetic Education, and the Humanities

Marina Grishakova, Complexity, Hybridity, and Comparative Literature

Bernard Franco, European Comparative Literature as Humanism

Kathleen Shields, Challenges and Possibilities for World Literature, Global Literature, and Translation

Anastasija Gjurčinova, Translation and Self-Translation in Today's (Im)migration Literature

Biljana Djorić Francuski, Multilingual Literature, Translation, and Crnjanski's Роман о Лондону (A Novel about London)

Madeleine Campbell, Geomancing Dib's Transcultural Expression in Translation

Raili Marling, Gender and Emotion in Comparative Perspective

Donata Meneghelli, Periodization, Comparative Literature, and Italian Modernism

Małgorzata Świderska, Comparativist Imagology and the Phenomenon of Strangeness

Divya Dwivedi and Henrik Skov Nielsen, The Paradox of Testimony and First-Person Plural Narration in Jensen's We, the Drowned

Jan Baetens, Monomedial Hybridization in Contemporary Poetry

Asunción López-Varela and Camila Khaski Gaglia, Intermedial Serial Metarepresentation in Dickens's The Pickwick Papers

Narvika Bovcon, Literary Aspects in New Media Art Works

Matteo Colombi and Massimo Fusillo, Artaud, Barney, and the Total Work of Art from Avant-Garde to the Posthuman

José Manuel Lucía Megías, Cervantes and the World's Literatures: A Book Review Article on Hagedorn's Don Quixote Volumes

Arno Gimber, European Romantic Prose: A Book Review Article of Comparative History of Literatures in European Languages

Marina Grishakova, Lucia Boldrini, and Matthew Reynolds, Multilingual Bibliography of New Work in Comparative Literature in Europe 2007-2014