Ms. Andrea Claudia Valente

Title prefix: 
First name: 
Andrea Claudia
Family name: 
York University
Doctoral Candidate
English, Portuguese, German, Spanish
Teaching areas: 

Comparative Literature and Film 

Popular Culture

Brazilian and German Studies

Pedagogy of Modern Languages (Applied Linguistics)

Research areas: 

 Translation; Adaptation; Performance Studies; Memory and History; Life Writing; 20th Century German Historical Women; Film and Media; Language and Discourse.


 Valente, Andrea C.Translating and Adapting Ulrike for Brazilian Stages: Cultural Appropriation or

       Act of Subversion? Fifth Annual Graduate Conference in Translation Studies, Glendon College:

      York University, March 8, 2014.

Valente, Andrea C. “The ‘Joy of Soccer’ in German and Brazilian Cinemas: Screening Ambiguities

       from Individual and Historical Narratives”. Joy/La joie Conference, Centre for Comparative

       Literature, University of Toronto, Feb. 27th to March 1st, 2014.


Valente, Andrea C. “Can Man with a Movie Camera shoot Enemy 0? Adaptation and Transcoding in

       Michael Nyman’s Musical Scores”.  Convergence Culture Reconsidered – 3rd Transatlantic

      Graduate Student Conference, University of Göttingen: Germany, October 17-19, 2013.


Valente, Andrea C. “Olga Benarios Lebensgeschichte und die Europäisierung der deutschen

       Vergangenheit” (“Olga Benario’s Life Story and the Europeanization of the German Past”).  The

       International Postgraduate Conference. The Institute for German Studies, University of    

       Birmingham: England, July 24- 26, 2013.

Valente, Andrea C. “Life @ the Edge of the Stage: A Comparative Study of Olgas Raum by Dea

       Loher”.  Annual conference of Canadian Comparative Literature Association, University of   

       Victoria, May 2- 5, 2013.


Valente, Andrea C. "Translating Life-Stories into Mediatized Spaces: Issues of Identity, Memory and

       Fidelity." Mediation and Mediatization: Transatlantic Graduate Student Conference. Germersheim,  

       Germany, October, 11- 12, 2012.


Valente, Andrea C."Jewish Museum Berlin: A Topography of Encounter, Memory and History".

       Mnemonic Topography: Architecture and Formation of German Memories. Study Trip: Berlin, May   

       13 - 20, 2012.


Valente, Andrea C. "An interactional sociolinguistic study of code-switching in e-mails exchanged

       among Brazilian speakers: cool, ne?" 8th International Pragmatics Conference, University of

       Toronto, Canada. 2003.


Valente, Andrea C. "What’s behind a teacher’s autobiographical narrative?" 28th International Systemic

       Functional Congress, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. 2001.


Valente, Andrea C.  "Reading to Mom… a literary reading experience inside family."  7th  International

       Society for the Empirical Study of Literature (IGEL),University of  Toronto, Canada, 2000


 Valente, Andrea C. "Black Slaves in Farbe: Representations of the Subaltern in Thomas Ender's Landscape Paintings from Old Rio." Austrian Studies 20. (Fall, 2012): 24-42. 

Valente, Andrea C. Rev. of  "Non-Western perspectives on human communication: implications for theory and practice”, by Min Sun Kim (2002). Book Review: In.: Discourse & Society (2005).