Prof. Dr. Bart Keunen

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Prof. Dr.
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Ghent University
Nederlandse Literatuur en Algemene Literatuurwetenschap
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Bart Keunen, PhD, is professor in Comparative Literature at Ghent University, Belgium. He teaches graduate and postgraduate courses in European Literary History, Sociology of Literature and Comparative Literature. He studied philosophy in Louvain and literary criticism in Ghent, Berlin and Klagenfurt. He obtained his Ph.D. degree with a dissertation on Representing the Metropolis: A Culture-Sociological Approach to City Images, Chronotopes and Artistic Projects in Literary Prose between 1850 and 1930 (Ghent, 1997). He is president of the Belgian Society for General and Comparative Literature (since September 2000) and co-director of the interdisciplinary Ghent Urban Studies Team (GUST; since January 2002).
Dutch, English, German, French
Teaching areas: 

Comparative  Literature

Sociology of Literature

Literary History 

Research areas: 
urban studies, genre criticism, literary historiography and literary sociology

Book publications:

Verhaal en Verbeelding. Chronotopen in de westerse verhaalcultuur (Gent: Academia Press, 2007)

(with Benjamin Biebuyck, Gert Buelens e.a.), Negen muzen, tien geboden. Historische en methodologische gevalstudies over de interactie tussen literatuur en ethiek. (Gent: Academia,. 2005)

Tijd voor een verhaal. Mens- en Wereldbeelden in de populaire verhaalcultuur (Gent: Academia Press, 2005)

De verbeelding van de groot­stad. Stads- en wereldbeelden in het proza van de moderniteit (Brussels: VUBpress, 2000);

(with GUST) The Urban Condition: Space, Community, and Self in the Contemporary Metropolis (Rotterdam: 010 Publishers, 1999).

(with Leo Apostel en Jenny Walry) Hopeloos gelukkig. Leven in de postmoderne tijd (Amsterdam: Meulenhoff/Kritak, 1997).

Edited Volumes: 

(with Sascha Bru) Avant-Garde and Politics. Special Issue of Arcadia (2007)

(with GUST) Post-ex-sub-dis: Fragmentations of the City (Rotterdam: 010 Publishers, 2002)

(with Bart Eeckhout) Literature and Society. The Function of Literary Sociology in Comparative Literature (Brussels/Bern: Peter Lang/PIE, 2001)