Dr. Eglė Kačkutė

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Vilnius University
Department of Romance Philology
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Dr. Eglė Kačkutė is a lecturer in French at Vilnius University. Her monograph Svetimos ir Savos (Strange and Familiar) on identity in contemporary British and French women’s writing was published by Vilnius University Press in 2012. Her research interests include comparative contemporary women’s writing, motherhood and migration. She is currently working on narratives of mothering in migration and expatriation.


Lithuanian, English, French
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 Contemporary French womens' writing

Research areas: 

Contemporary British and French women's writing, gender theory, motherhood, migration, expatration, multilingualsim


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Kačkutė, E., 2012. Savos ir svetimos, Vilnius: Vilniaus Universiteto leidykla.

The book is a monograph based on my PhD. It argues that identity in the work Trezza Azzopardi, Marie NDiaye, A.L. Kennedy and Marie Darrieussecq is constructed around unknowable otherness that is situated at the centre of the subject. These contemporary women authors remain sensitive to issues of alterity and belonging exploring mechanisms of exclusion and inclusion in order to raise larger questions to do with power, tolerance, ethics, respect and responsibility. It features my interviews with Trezza Azzopardi, A.L. Kennedy and Marie Darrieussecq. 


Articles in Peer Reviewed or Refereed Journals

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