prof. Franca Sinopoli Ph.D.

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Sapienza - Università di Roma
Studi greco-latini, italiani, scenico-musicali
Associate Professor of Comparative Literature
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Franca Sinopoli is Associate Professor of Comparative Literature at Sapienza University of Rome. In 1990 she earned her degree (laurea cum laude) in Italian and Comparative Literature at Sapienza; in 1991-1994 she obtained a Postgraduate research grant for a PhD in Comparative Literature Studies and then in 1995 she earned the Doctorate of Research in Comparative Literature at the University of Rome III, Department of Comparative Literature. The thesis, focusing on the use of comparative methods in late 18th century European literary historiography, was published as a book in 1996. In 1997-1999 she got a Postdoctoral research grant for Comparative Literature Studies focusing on the recent debate on world literature historiography in comparative literature studies. In 2001-2003, 2003-2005 she obtained new research grants sponsored by the Sapienza University. In 1998 she taught Comparative Literature at The University of Lausanne, in 2004 she was invited as Visiting Scholar at the University of Sydney and in 2006 as Visiting Professor at the University of Santiago de Compostela. She is a member of the International Comparative Literature Coordinating Committee (2007-2010, 2010-2013, 2013-2016) for the Comparative Literary History in European Languages (AILC-CHLEL), member of the Classical and Modern Italian Studies PhD Board and of the Erasmus Faculty Board. She is one of the International Advisors of "Migra. Data base of migrant writers in iberian languages", at the Jean Monet Chair of the Santiago de Compostela University, and of the review CLCweb: Comparative Literature and Culture. She is also a member of the Editorial Board of Journal of World Literature and of the scientific board of the book series "Crossroads. Film, Literature and other Languages (University of Venice-Ca'Foscari). Since 2013 she has been a member of the Sapienza Summer School scientific board and one of the Referees for the Evaluation of research projects on behalf of the Italian Ministry of Education. She is also member of the Erasmus Faculty Board and of the Traineeship Erasmus+ selection commission.
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Italian, French, English, reading competence in German and Spanish
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History and methodologies of comparative literature, modern literary criticism, western canon and its cultural debates, myths and intertestuality in European Literature.

Research areas: 

Methodology of comparative literature, European comparative literary historiography, translingualism and translation in Europe, theories of literary genres, diaspora and migration literatures and cultures.





 As author:


  F. Sinopoli, Storiografia e comparazione. Le origini della storia comparata della letteratura in Europa tra Settecento e Ottocento (Comparative literary histories in 18th and 19th centuries), Rome, Bulzoni 1996


 F. Sinopoli, La dimensione europea nello studio letterario (European perspective in literary studies), Milan, B. Mondadori 2009


 F. Sinopoli, Interculturalità e transnazionalità della letteratura: questioni critiche e studi di casi, Rome, Bulzoni 2014



As co-author:



F. Sinopoli, A. Gnisci, Manuale storico di letteratura comparata (History of Comparative Literature) Rome, Meltemi 1997


 A. Gnisci, F. Sinopoli, F. Stella, et alii, Letteratura comparata (Comparative litertaure), Milan, B. Mondadori 1999 (2002 2nd edition)


 A. Gnisci, F. Sinopoli, N. Moll, La letteratura del mondo nel XXI secolo (World Literature in 21st century), Milan, B. Mondadori, 2010



As editor:


 F. Sinopoli, Il mito della letteratura europea (The myth of European literature), Rome, Meltemi, 1999


 F. Sinopoli, La letteratura europea vista dagli altri (European literature view from abroad), Rome, Meltemi, 2003


 F. Sinopoli, La Storia nella scrittura diasporica (History in diaspora literatures), Rome, Bulzoni, 2009


 F. Sinopoli, Postcoloniale italiano tra letteratura e storia (Italian Postcolonialism between literature and history), Aprilia, NovaLogos, 2013


  As co-editor:


 J. Bessière, F. Sinopoli, Histoire, Mémoire, relectures et réécritures littéraires, Rome, Bulzoni, 2005


 F. Sinopoli, Silvia Tatti, I Confini della scrittura. Il dispatrio nei testi letterari (Writing across borders), Isernia, Cosmo Iannone 2005


 F. Sinopoli, D. Sabolova, Forme della traduzione. Europa mediterranea & Europa (Translation in South and Central Europe), Trnava-Rome, Università Tyrnaviensis-Bulzoni, 2009


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