JD, MA Jose Pascal da Rocha

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Jose Pascal
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da Rocha
Columbia University
School of Continuing Education
M.Sc. Program Instructor
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rocha international offers international mediation services, negotiation and facilitation for businesses, individuals and public organisations. further field of activities include diversity and change, post-merger integration, peace-keeping operations and corporate communication. with a background in german and french law, a master of mediation and a master of media and intercultural communication studies, topped by a ph.d. in conflict mediation, the learned foundation for a consecutive and sustainable negotiation agreement is at hand. extensive mission experience on many places in the world, a personal intercultural background and many activities in the area of intercultural research keeps me alert and reactive to the needs of societies and individuals.

german, english, french, spanish, serbo-croatian, russian
Teaching areas: 

Mediation, Negotiation, Law, Legal Affairs, comparative cultural studies, International Relations and Conflict Resolution, Conflict Management Systems, Gender&Diversity

Research areas: 

Mediation, methodology of intercultural mediation, conflict management systems, conflict alert systems, discourse analysis, historical cultural anthropology, methodology of critical media analysis, comparative cultural studies, comparative social sciences, human geography, strongpoint: Europe, Africa

1.1 Curriculum design for Master of Science Program, Columbia University: http://www.ce.columbia.edu/masters/index.cfm?PID=37

1.2. UN Mediator Mediation Support Unit: www.un.org/peacemaker

1.3. Research on Gender&Diversity at DeCeRe, Norwich, UK: http://www.uea.ac.uk/nbs/decere  

1.4. Adjunct Professor at CUNY School of Professional Studies, MS Online Business & Leadership: http://sps.cuny.edu

2.1. http://web.me.com/josepascaldarocha

2.2. http://www.linkedin.com/josepascaldarocha 



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