Mrs Karen Ferreira-Meyers

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University of Swaziland
Modern Languages
Head of Department
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Born in Belgium, Karen Ferreira-Meyers has been living and working in Swaziland (Southern Africa) for about 20 years. She has been managing the Department of Modern Languages at the University of Swaziland since 1998, where she teaches literature, linguistics and language use in French as well as a course in Criminal Procedure. At this moment she studies the autofictional genre, in particular autofictions written by European and African female authors, in preparation of a Ph.D. She is also very much intrigued by Francophone, Anglophone, Lusophone and Hispanophone African crime novels. After a Master's Degree in Romance Philology obtained at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Belgium, she later proceeded to obtain various degrees from well-known African Universities such as the University of South Africa and the University of Stellenbosch (a BA degree in Lusophone Language and Literature in 2002, an MA in English linguistics and an LLM degree in 2007). Recently she published articles in French Studies in Southern Africa, Études françaises en Afrique australe, Lwati: A Journal of Contemporary Research, and Francofonía (special number on Le polar francophone) and a variety of book reviews.


Flemish, French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, siSwati
Teaching areas: 

French (language, literature, culture)

English (semantics)

Law (criminal procedure)

Research areas: 

Contemporary francophone, anglophone, lusophone and hispanophone novels; feminine literature; crime novels

Translation and interpretation

Law, human rights

E-learning for foreign language learning


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2009 FERREIRA-MEYERS, K., L'aventure du genre littéraire de l'autofiction: de la théorie doubrovskienne à la littérature féminine du XXIème siècle,, published 2 February 2009.


2008 FERREIRA-MEYERS, K., Autofiction, problème de définition ou problème de légitimité d'un genre?, in French Studies in Southern Africa. Etudes françaises en Afrique australe, N° 38, 2008, South Africa, ISSN 0259-0247, pp. 63-78.


2008 FERREIRA-MEYERS, K., Writing of Mythical Proportions: Myths and Intertextuality Revisited in Amélie Nothomb's oeuvre, in Lwati, A Journal of Contemporary Research, Vol. 5, June 2008, Swaziland, ISSN 1813-2227, pp. 204-214.


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2007 FERREIRA-MEYERS, K., Paralittérature pré-coloniale. Littérature post et post-post-coloniale?, in Littératures africaines au XXIe siècle – Sortir du postcolonial?, Editions du Tell, Algérie, ISBN 978-9961-773-42-0, pp. 177-186.


2007 DE MEYER, B. & MEYERS-FERREIRA, K., La tentation du féminin dans le roman noir africain francophone, in Francofonía, n. 16: Le polar francophone, Universidade de Cádiz, ISSN 1132-3310, pp. 81-94.


2007 FERREIRA-MEYERS, K., Learning French in Modern Universities: What will the future bring?, in Occasional Papers in Theology and Religion, Vol. 2, Number 4, 2007: Relevance of the Humanities in Boleswa Countries, Botswana: University of Botswana, ISSN 1818-3816, pp. 101-108.


Terminologie grammaticale en Belgique et en France, Unpublished MA Thesis, 1988, VUB


Pepetela: A geração da Utopia, Unpublished BA Honours Thesis, 2002, UNISA


IDE (Institute of Distance Education) MODULES:

Written: IDE-FC103 (Reading and comprehension), IDE-FC104 (Composition), IDE-FC203 (Reading and comprehension), IDE-FC204 (Composition), IDE-F1P1 (Intermediate French-Language), IDE-F3P2 (1) (Francophone African Literature), IDE-F2P1 (1) (Advanced French Language), IDE-ENG402 (Sociolinguistics)

Reviewed: IDE-F1P2, IDE-F3P1-1, IDE-F3P1-2

Edited: IDE-FC101 (Language), IDE-FC102 (Conversation), IDE-FC201 (Language), IDE-FC202 (Conversation)

Proofread: IDE-Eng201, IDE-Eng401, IDE-H400-1

Currently writing: IDE-F3P2 (2) (Francophone African Literature), IDE-FPA5 (Business French I: Commercial Correspondence), IDE-FPA6 (Business French II: Advertising and Commercial Literature), IDE-F2P1 (2) (Advanced French Language)