Metka Zupancic PhD

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University of Alabama
Modern Languages and Classics
Associate Professor of French/Modern Languages
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Since 2000, at the University of Alabama. Prior academic positions at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, at Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine, University of Guelp, ON (Canada), University of Ottawa, ON (Canada), University McGill, Montreal, QC (Canada), Washington College, MD (USA), University of the South, Sewanee, TN (USA), University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Chevalier de l'ordre des palmes académiques, March 2008. 

Habilitation à diriger les recherches, Poitiers, France, 2006.

PhD in Romance Philology, Orphisme et polyphonie dans l'oeuvre de Claude Simon, University of Zagreb, Croatia, 1988.

Doctorat de 3e cycle, La Structuration de Triptyque (Claude Simon) vue dans sa triplicité, Université des Sciences Humaines, Strasbourg, France, 1977.

Slovenian, French, English, Italian, Serbian and Croatian, Swedish, German, Spanish, some Sanskrit, Latin and Ancient Greek.
Teaching areas: 
French language and literature. Myths in films and literature. Contemporary French and Francophone writers (mainly prose). Critical Theory. Critical Methodology. Yoga (philosophy and practice). Occasionally courses in French pronunciation and phonetics, overview of French literature, and French civilization.
Research areas: 
20th and 21st Century French and Francophone Literature, especially that of Quebec and French Canada. Feminism and Postfeminism. Myth Criticism. Critical Theories. Literature and other arts (music, fine arts). Eastern Philosophies (especially Yoga and Buddhism).
Regular presenter at Women in French conferences; regular presenter at the 20th and 21st Century French and Francophone Studies Colloquium; regular presenter at the CIEF, Conseil International d'Etudes Francophes; occasional presenter at ACQS, American Council of Quebec Studies; conferences on particular topics (by invitation).
Book published:1.   Hélène Cixous: texture mythique et alchimique. Birmingham, Alabama: SUMMA Publications, Inc., (August) 2007, 208 p. 2.   Lectures de Claude Simon. La polyphonie de la structure et du mythe. Toronto: Les Éditions du GREF,
2001, 313 p.
 Books edited by the author:1. Death, Language, Thought. On Gérard Bucher’s L’imagination de l’origine. Birmingham, SUMMA Publications, Inc., 2005, 192 p.a) “Introduction,” 1-3.b) “In the Beginning Was the Word: Reflections on Gérard Bucher’s L’imagination de l’origine,” 51-57. 2. Hermes and Aphrodite Encounters. Birmingham, AL: SUMMA Publications, Inc., 2004. 313 p.a) “Preface,” vii-x.b) “Introduction,” 1-20.c) “Hélène Cixous: A Hermetic Aphrodite,” 195-204. 3. Mythes dans la littérature contemporaine d'expression française. Ottawa, Éditions du Nordir, 1994, 321 p.a) “Eurydice à la recherche d'Orphée: lecture orphique de L'Acacia de Claude Simon”: 200-8.b) “La présentation”: 7-12. Scholarly journal edited by the author:Orphée et Eurydice: mythes en mutation. Religiologiques 15, printemps 1997, 273 p.

a) “Orphée et Eurydice: mythes en mutation”: 5-17.


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