Mihaela Cernauti-Gorodetchi

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"Al. I. Cuza" University, Faculty of Letters
Department of Comparative Literature
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See a short presentation at http://www.literaturacomparata.ro/prof/mcg_english.html

English, French
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COMPARATIVE LITERATURE: Classicism and Baroque in 17th Century Europe; Fairy Tales, Fantasies and Utopias; Children’s Literature and Children’s Books Illustrators; World Theatre History; Literature and the Visual Arts.

Research areas: 

General and comparative literature; poetics and stylistics; theatre studies; Hebrew culture and civilization

Chief editor - ACTA IASSYENSIA COMPARATIONIS (http://www.literaturacomparata.ro/acta_site/acta_engl.html ; http://www.literaturacomparata.ro/acta_site/acta_fr.html)


BESTSELLERS ŞI BLOCKBUSTERS. COMPETITIVE PRACTICES AND STRATEGIES IN THE ROMANIAN BOOK INDUSTRY : "Distorsions in Linguistic, Literary and Ethnofolkloric Communication and the European Context", an international congress organized by the A. Philippide Institute for Romanian Philology, Romanian Academy, Iasi, Romania, 25-27 September 2008

IONESCO, UN PARADOXE : le Colloque "E. Ionesco - Tribulations identitaires", Iasi, Roumanie, 15-16 octobre 2009

EXTRAVAGANCE AND CHALLENGE: UNCONVENTIONAL CONTEMPORARY DANCE AND OPERA PRODUCTIONS : "Success and Its Variables", a theatre studies symposium organized by ARTES Association, Iaşi, Romania, 27 November 2009



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