Dr. Paula Pérez Lucas Lecturer in Spanish

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Pérez Lucas
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Lecturer in Spanish
Dublin City University
SALIS-Applied Language and Intercultural Studies
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B.A. Santiago de Compostela (1999); M.A. Royal Holloway, University of London (2001); PhD University of Nottingham (2008).


Spanish; Galician; English
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Spanish language and culture.

Research areas: 

My main research areas are women’s history, gender and identity, and the cultural and political discourses of nationalism in 19th and 20th century Spain. I am also interested in cultural hierarchies, identity and canon formation, including women's and national literatures, and artistic legitimacy. 

I have published works on Galician proto-nationalism and press, the genealogy of 20thcentury Galician women’s writing and women, political participation and visibilization in the 19thcentury.

I am currently working on an international research project directed by Dr. Rosa María Capel Martínez (University Complutense of Madrid), “Women, Liberalism and Public Space in Comparative Perspective” (2012-2015), which is funded by the Ministry of Science and Education (Spain).




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