Teo Spiller

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DOBER, Contemporary Art Institute
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Teo Spiller's art works were exhibited on media and computer art festivals all over the world, including UNESCO day of poetry in Milano; Irish museum of modern arts in Dublin; "The masters of graphic works" biennial in Gyor; Machida city museum of graphic arts in Tokyo; Venice Biennial; Museum of modern arts in Ljubljana and Ljubljana Municipal Museum.

In addition, his work is in public and corporate collections, including those of Ljubljana Municipal Museum, Municipal museum of art in Gyor, Hungary and Rhizome art base, New York City.

About his work were written many articles, including New York Times online, CIAC electronic magazine, Radio Austria 1, TV Gajba and RTV Slovenia.

He organized more group artistic events with respectable participants from around the world. Best known are "net.art trade forum", as he as one of the first net.artist in the world sold a net.art work, and INFOS 2000 "off-line net.art contest".

He wrote many articles about net.art and had several lectures about it, including a workshop for art teachers in cooperation with Ministry for education of RS.

Slovene, English, German, Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian, partly Russian & Italian


Galerija Commerce, Ljubljana, Slovenija
Klub Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, Slovenija
Gallery Rael Artel, Parnu, Estonija
"Inside the web server", Hevreka!05, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2005
"Psstt!!", KUD France Prešeren, Ljubljana, 2010
"New media textuality", presentation, galerija Kapsula, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2010
"Wooden In/form/ations", Trubarjeva nisa literature, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2011
"LIFE", Merlin Theatre, Budapest, Hungary, 2011


The Rotten Machine aka the Tothless Old Thing 1999-2004, Badajoz - Spain, 5-28 February 2011
Kiparstvo danes, Gallery of contemporary art, Celje, Slovenia, 2010
10 th Cairo International Biennale, Cairo, Egypt, 2006
"Device_art 2006", Zagreb, Belgrade, San Francisco, 2006
"95-05", contemporary arst in Slovenia, Ljubljana Museum of modern arts, 2005
Final Flash City 6.4, Izola, Slovenia, 2005
Break 2.3, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2005
CeC & CaC, New Delhi, India
The floor of my atelier, Galerija Gradec, Zagreb, Croatia, 2003
UNESCO day of poetry 2003, Technopoetry for peace, Milano, Italy
"Net.art open", Irish museum of modern arts, Dublin, Ireland
"The masters of graphic arts", Municipal Museum of art, Gyor, Hungary
"The works of art in the age of mechanical reproduction", Machida city museum of graphic arts, Tokyo, Japan
Venice Biennial '99 (togetherwith Gruppo Oreste), Venice, Italy
"Eye and its truth", Ljubljana Museum of Modern Arts, Slovenia
"Digital graphic works on paper", Ljubljana Municipal Museum, Slovenia
"Pixxelpoint 2002", Nova Gorica, Slovenia
"Kosov@ benefit auction",New York City, USA
"Omnizone", New York City, USA
"Zu casa", Del Mar, California, USA
"Ostranenie 97", Bauhaus, Dessau, Germany
"Film+arc graz", Graz, Austria
FILE 2001 electronic language international festival, Sao Paolo, Brasil
"Casa das rosas web.art contest", Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
"Altamira cave", Mexico City, Mexico
"Medi@Terra", Atene, Greece
"The Digital Labyrinth Theatre", Acco, Israel
"Korea web art festival 2002", Chiang Mai, South Korea
"runme.org", Macros Centre, Moskva, Russia
"Internationa Festival of Computer Arts" '96, 97, '98, '99, Maribor, Slovenia
"ARCO - El Mundo net-art award", Barcelona, Spain
World book capital Ljubljana 2010


ELMCIP conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2011


New media Textuality (2010, ISBN 978-961-93025-0-7, Introduction dr. Ales Vaupotič)

New media Semiotics (2011, ISBN 978-961-93025-1-4, Introduction dr. Ales Vaupotič)

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